Monday, March 8, 2010

Refashioned dress for my lovely friend

My friend had this dress is a bag ready to go to the charity shop. I asked her why she didn't want it and she said that it's just too dressy to wear every day and that she wished it was a skirt...well duh!!! I obviously jumped at the chance to hone my skills...or rather, swear, shout and throw a proper toddler tantrum. I thought this would be so easy, but little did I know I would meet my arch enemy - the concealed zip!!!

Now I am NOT a fan of zips, I find them annoying and fiddly so I tend to stay away from them, however once I unpicked this dress I though (stupidly) 'it'll be fine. I'll just move it down to the start of the skirt and sew it back in. Which is exactly what I did and if I showed you in photos (not that I have any) it would look serene and lovely, but if you were in my house at the time, you would agree with my hubby and call me an 'angry seamstress'...actually that should be the name of my blog. I haven't been so frustrated with what should have been a simple project since I started knitting and dropped a stitch about 20 rows down and had to take it to the bottom of the garden so that I could swear at it without my family thinking I was mental.
Well, I finished it, and it is SUPER!!! The photo does not do it justice as my friend and I are different sizes but I know that it will look lovely on her. My little fella didn't want to be left out. I apologise sincerely for the picture, but this was the best of about 20 pics - Note to self 'my five year old takes better pictures than my Mum', bless her, she couldn't keep it still and press the button - and no she's not old and frail, she's young and this is well within her capabilities...she just got out witted by my iphone :) I hope she reads this :P

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