Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby dress from Tee shirt

Pretty baby...
The dress started out as a tee shirt which belonged to my friend's little girl, however after one wash is leached the colour out from the applique :(
She kindly donated it to me....:)
I re-sized the top using one of Sophie's dresses as a template and followed Dana's tute to put the top together.

and...look how pretty she is. I could buy sack cloths for this baby and she would still look lovely


  1. I agree she is adorable!! Just a quick question how did you get these lovely flowers as a background to your page? I fancy a change cos I'm thinking my blog looks a bit boring but can't seem to work out how to do this!!

  2. Hi, blogger have brought out a new blog design. You might have got the e-mail in your junk box. I go to http://draft.blogger.com/home I am not computer literate enough to know if this will work for you too, but I hope it does. Then go to layout and at the top/middle ish there is a template button and there are heaps of choices... you can change almost everything and get a coveted three column blog :) Good luck.

  3. Thanks for that tip, I did find something this morning when playing but couldn't make it apply to my blog but your instructions were perfect and have had another little change.