Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel like a cheater posting this...

This is a very pretty onesie, which was a gift for Sophie when she was born. I love it, it is the cutest thing.
This is how small she was when she last wore it...Awww iddy biddy! Look how sweet they are xoxo
This is Sophie this morning, with the same onesie.

I chopped off the arms and the press studs at the bottom. Did a rolled hem around the sleeves and bottom and hey presto - CHEATER CHEATER DOG POO EATER!!! Sorry, toilet humour is rife in my house.

Too easy and too cute. She would not sit still for these pics. I literally took about 25 photos and got two barely usable shots.


  1. That's not cheating at all, that's an ideal refashion! Couldn't/wouldn't wear it before, now you'll use it, great!