Monday, March 8, 2010

Refashion and re-colour

I posted ages ago that I was going to re-fashion this, which I did, but I wasn't 100% happy with the outcome as the black and white stripey top was black and yucky I thought I'd colour it. I found a lovely 'tulip red' which I thought looked lovely on the packet.

It also said that there was enough to do approximately one large shirt, so I thought I'd add these maternity pants which I intend to make into a skirt sometime soon.
Then I thought, hey while I'm on I will add some of these too. They were in the 'to change colour' pile. Some have stains on them, and some are just faded and need a freshen up.
So, I added my stuff, some salt and poked at it with a spoon (an old one which is now a funny pinky colour). The spoon didn't last long as I couldn't keep my hands off them... I pulled at them, squeezed them and have VERY pink hands now. I know...I should wear gloves, and I did try. For all of thirty seconds :S

Then I rinsed them in the washer.

Sophie wanted to see what I was so excited about too. She's such a funny baby bird. I love that she HAS to see what is going on. She often scoots off and can be found watching the washing machine...bless her. But she loved sitting with me and watching it together. It's like she was thinking 'see Mum, I told you this was fun'. Maybe I should let her watch TV :)

This is the first thing that went into the bucket and is what the rest should look like, but obviously I tried to make the dye go too far.

This is everything I put through on the first batch. I'm pretty happy with most of them. There is a bit of a tie dye element to some of them but I am a hippy at heart so I don't really mind.

This is the back of the top I refashioned. It's an old onside and an old maternity tee, made into a dress. The idea comes from Made.
This is the front. I used the same ruffle technique as here

I wish the colour came out better on my phone camera. It actually looks like a pretty pink, and not nearly as washed out as this pic looks. I like it, it's one of DH's favourites :)


  1. Such a cute dress, and that picture of all the pink on the line - LOVE!

  2. thanks Erin. I am a big pink fan...It'll be interesting to see what the pink pants look like when they become a skirt. I don't think I'd wear pink pants...:)

  3. I really like the dress.
    I will try something similar for my toddler and my big girl.

    Personally, I do not let my children watch TV before they turn 3 - easy when the only TV is in the basement.