Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter bean bags

I think I already mentioned that we had a little celebration of the beginning of the Easter holidays.

I made one of these little bean bags for each of the kids. They were pretty easy to make, but because I wasn't very organised I spent a lot of time waiting for bits to dry etc etc.

They are super simple and you can even hand sew them if you wanted.

Do your printed picture (I used the same one from here) before you start and if you are making a few then do them all together :) I got the image from the PETA website.

Sew two squares, right sides together with a gap of about an inch to turn the right way.
I left them like this to give to the little ones, they loved putting the rice in themselves.
Perfect for practicing how to throw and catch...or chucking at your Dad, which is what Adam did with his

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