Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brum brum...stash buster

How cool is this picture..Adam and DH did this while I was having a lie in (Sophie likes to wake me up through the night and as it was Saturday, I got a lie in YAY!). Anyway, I got up and Adam said 'look what we made for you'. Sorry that it's sideways, but I couldn't get it to turn, even though it faced the right way before it downloaded...oh well.
I had a moment of inspiration as I imagined the image appliqued onto a tee shirt. I had just the fabric in my stash to do it too... Adam told me that I wasn't allowed to cut up the picture - as if!!!

So I traced around each individual bit, holding the picture up against the window was the easiest way for me to see through

These are the chopped up bits placed over the original to make sure it was all 'hunky dory'.

I used the cut outs as templates to cut out the fabric, I used lightweight cotton drill for the applique. I applied fusible webbing to the back of each piece for stability.

To make the tee shirt, I used one of his favourites as a pattern. I didn't put the tee together 'till the end as it made it much easier.
This is the first bit - the body of the monster truck. I was going to use satin stitch around each one, but I changed my mind as I thought the fraying around the edge would look good.

Pin and sew...'Flash ahaaaaa! He saved every one of us'
Cute little windows.
Sewed the tee together and he immediately put it on... by the end of the day it had been covered in chocolate sauce, washed and put on the line. I must admit I was pretty pleased with myself as I pegged it out to dry :)


  1. That is AWESOME!

    I think we should all do kids drawings for them on a t-shirt.

    Wouldn't the world be a happier place?


    Pam Hoffman

  2. I love projects like that. From inspiration to washing in a day, fab. Proves it will be a fav that is worn and worn!!

  3. Thanks ladies...Thank you so mcuh for the comments :D you made me smile. I just love how it looks exactly like his drawing

    Have a great day :)