Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful baby bibs

Bibs.. we use them multiple times a day with infants, especially drooly ones like mine! I got so sick of seeing food stained, yucky looking bibs! My friend has a newborn and was given a gorgeous bib which has simple cotton front and a terry towelling back. So, as you do...I thought 'I can make that' and I did!!!

They are super easy to make, and you can make them to match a dress or skirt that you've previously whipped up. Because they're cuter than your average bib they can be worn to catch the drool of a bub with teething trouble :(

First I cut out the shape of the bib (which can be any shape that you like), as long as it will go around your babys neck. I do a velcro fastening because Sophie hates being messed around with and it's the quickest way on...The basic shape I do it a rectangle with the corners rounded, a whole for the head and a cut from one side to the neck to get over the head - that makes sense to me...I hope it does to you too!

Cut out one in terry cloth/towelling and the other in the cutest fabric you can find :)

The above photo is shown with the fabric right sides facing and the placement of the velcro. I like to place the scratchy side of the velcro on the pretty side, then it doesn't scratch the baby's delicate skin when you put it on.

Above I have placed two sets of two pins, this is start and finish points, so that when you sew around, you don't sew it totally closed. If you have a tag you can pop it in the side now.

Once you have sewn around it with right sides together, turn through the gap left in the bottom (the bit between the pins).

Top stitch all the way around, making sure that you close the whole up and voila!!!

Too cute!
Ok, I have made a few of these and I did the above one today just for the blog. Typically this is what I did wrong this time...
Please feel free to laugh at my expense! I did!!!
#1 Firstly, as you can see from the photo, I DID put two sets of two pins in to make sure that I didn't sew all the way around. But, you see, this method is NOT failsafe if you are, like me, a bit of an idiot at times! I didn't start at the first set of pins, I started at the top corner...which leads to problem #2
#2 The gap I left to pull the bib right side out was on the smallest part of the bib which meant that it was pretty tricky to pull the bib through - see IDIOT!!! Honestly, I surprise myself with how stupid I can be sometimes.
#3 I sewed too close to the edge on my first go around, so when I turned it around (and pulled and tugged to get it through the small hole - see idiot mistake #2) there was gaps in the sides :( SIGH!!!
#4 I forgot my tag. Which doesn't really matter as I wont be selling this defect and will remain solely for the use of my child. Despite the fact that this bib took about the same length of time to make as it normally takes me to make 4, I think Sophie looks pretty darn cute!
What mistakes have you made...please tell me you've made some... purleeezzz!

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