Monday, March 29, 2010

Green is the new everything

Ok, so this post isn't really a crafty post, but without the changes that I have made in the last year I would not know how to sew, blog or refashion so I'm going to plough ahead.

I always used to think that I was fairly environmentally conscious. I always put my recyclable waste in the correct bin, I used washable nappies, I turned the tap off when I brushed my teeth and I have been vegetarian since I was 14 years there! I was green and proud.

However, I did not see the oxymoron that is a person who uses washable nappies, but turned her nose up at second hand clothing. That I would save water, but not really worry about everyone being on a different electronic device all at different ends of the house.

I was green. If you compare me to most people...but was I doing my best? My absolute best? No, I was I doing my absolute best now??? Well, I am doing much better, but there is always room for improvement. There have been so many changes in my families life in recent months.

It started when I met a beautiful family who live at the foot of the Dandenongs in Victoria, Australia. I saw that they live simply, but infinitely more beautifully than my hugely expensive and uninteresting house! Their home was filled with love and surrounded by trees. They were doing their best to live neutrally and they just looked so happy. I knew from then on that I could and would do much better.

It has taken a few months, but we are definitely getting there.

We are moving... 8th of May we will move to our lovely California Bungalow on the bayside in a lovely quiet suburb with smaller schools, a quieter lifestyle and a much smaller mortgage.
We changed our car. Our old car ran at approximately 10litres per 100km and that was the book information, so chances are it was less efficient than that. We are now the proud owners of Penelope the Prius and we are competitive with each other as to who can get the best efficiency reading from the on board computer. I am winning with a current best of 2.9litres per 100km... Mark's best is 3.9 HA HA!!! That was over 12km too :)

I have banished all chemicals from my house. All I have left is half a bottle of Ajax and after that is gone I am freeeeee! We use eucalyptus, Tea Tree oil, bicarb and vinegar to clean as well as some Eco brands that I have found.

I took the handmade pledge, which means that I either make, or buy handmade gifts...I am in love with Etsy. I buy my bathroom products from an awesome guy at the local craft market, his family own a lavender farm and the products are lovely. He also does washing up liquid which smells yum.

Lastly, I have taken the Wardrobe refashion pledge. I opted for 6 months, although I was tempted to go for life, straight off the bat. It means that I will make or refashion clothing for myself for the period of the pledge. Not only have I not bought anything for myself, I have made all of my children's clothing since then too. Yay for me.

I am not self righteous. This is not what this is all about. I am just trying to be a better human. Hopefully it's working.


  1. Hey I like your new look blog, I've been thinking about changing mine a bit, but don't really like the computer fiddling so keep putting it off and doing some knitting instead!!

    I love the sentiments in this post, I think all we can do is our best at any one time but we do need to keep reviewing and see if we can change something else. then little by little we can all make a difference!! Keep up the good work, take care x

  2. It's SORT OF a crafty post; your (green) life is something that you make with your hands everyday too.
    Anyway, a resounding well done and good for you!
    Love the new look BTW

  3. We are doing our best, a lot of people don't understand our reasoning, and scoff at us. So, thank you both for your kind words. I get a little fed up with the 'eye rolling'...:)

    Thank you both for noticing the change!!! I wondered if anyone would YAY!!!...I fiddled around for ages to find the right look for the blog, no doubt I will change it again :)

  4. The serenity you're feeling is evident in this post. What wonderful and happy changes you've made.