Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blown eggs...For Easter

Using ordinary, run of the mill need to prep them first.

You need something sharp to poke into each end of the egg. I used a large needle. Make sure the hole in the bottom is slightly larger than the top. Then blow the insides of the egg out... The mixture in the bowl looks pretty yuck...but it whisked up pretty well for pancake batter. I think this batter will be just for me though ;)

Pop some acrylic paint onto some card...we had a big discussion about how to mix colours.

I love how seriously he took this. He concentrates so hard. I love it!

This is my version of a chicken...I made mine for Adam and Sophie and Adam made his for Mummy and Daddy. Do you like the chick???

Crackin'!!! Ha ha...sorry :)

Another cute (concentration picture)

Proud of how dirty he is... bless him.

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