Monday, April 12, 2010

A skirt for me...from fabric I bought for Sophie...sorry Soph :(

I got this idea from Disney... as soon as I read her post I knew what I would use.

In my 'ready to be chopped up' pile I had my maternity belt tube know, the thing you wear around your middle to cover your expanding tummy, and allowing you to wear 'normal' clothes for a little longer...not much longer thought, if you eat like I do when I'm pregnant :)

Anyway, I made a smaller and shorter tube and attached this fabric to it. This fabric was supposed to be for Sophie, but I couldn't resist...and she has so many clothes at the moment that she can't possibly wear them all before she grows again. That is my justification anyway :)

The top picture was made in a flash, but as you can see, it is way too big and bunches up around the band.

So I took it in and I LOVE IT!

Please excuse my puffy/red face... bleedin' allergies :(


  1. Cute skirt, looks very good on you! I think it's ok to be selfish at times :)

  2. Found you through WR, Love the skirt!