Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day Two of the No Impact Project - TRASH!!!'s a pile of garbage... I know that! It's not quite as cute as the pictures we normally look at. But for me it's been an experience.
The beer is all Marks and I know that we should be avoiding waste, but this particular beer company also does kegs which you can refill and refill and refill :) Happy me because from now onwards we will not be disposing of beer bottles and happy Mark because he still gets beer...and pretty tasty beer by all accounts.
The milk cartons are a little misleading as there are three empties. It just so happened that two of them only had a teeny bit left (yes I know, my family often have more than one carton open).
Same with the wine bottle, I used the remaining wine in my risotto. So no, I didn't have a full bottle of wine :(
The papers are school letters - why they can't e-mail us the information I do not know...maybe something I could suggest.
Lastly there is a bottle of Sukin, which is a body wash product. It's a nice product and pretty 'clean' as they say. It only has a small amount of preservative in it and the rest is natural. However the last scrap here is a wrapper from the soap that I will now be buying instead of plastic bottles. The paper can be composted and there is no waste!! Yay!
Lastly there is a pile of veggie scraps which would ordinarily be composted, but we are moving house in two weeks so it is a little unrealistic to be composting now :)
We use washable nappies and wipes, so no waste there and when we went to the market yesterday we brought our own drinks and only bought stuff that was not fruit and pretzels :)

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