Monday, April 12, 2010

Nappies...and a bit of a gross story :)

This was a super simple project. I was actually given about 4 yards of green towelling fabric months ago and only used a tiny bit of it for the back of some pretty bibs, but still had heaps left.
Our lovely chocolate lab is the grossest dog ever and managed to get into the dirty nappy bin...I gross. She wasn't very careful about where she dragged them or which ones she ate either.
So, we have a nappy shortage problem... I said to Mark 'I'm going to have to buy some new nappies' and at about $20 each, they are not cheap. Then I remembered that I can sew a I did!!!
I simply traced the old nappy (the ones that had not been eaten), and serge/overlocked all around the edge. I did some in different thickness' too. Just cut and layer to the thickness that you need and voila... The original nappies have elastic-y bits and an extra bit of towelling in the middle, but I have not noticed any difference in the thick ones I made and the originals. I love the thin ones too, perfect for the day time as it means Sophie's nappies are not so bulky.
I could easily have spent $100 replacing the eaten nappies, but this cost me only in thread and electricity :)

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