Monday, April 5, 2010


It's been a mega few days... we have LOVED all being together for Easter and have crafted and sewed our little hearts out.

My hubby even made a mailbox!!! Mr NONE Creative had been sprinkled by the craft fairy. It's 'rustic' as he says. I reckon it's a bird box (then I can stick it under a big tree where no-one can see.

I finished making a Christening gown for my niece (with the help of my Mum - yay for Mum). Planned a party outfit for one of my favourite friends little girls birthday. Made play dough, baked said play dough, painted it. Made an aeroplane, painted it! Gathered materials for two more birthday girls at the end of the month and plotted what they will eventually will look like. Made bootees, nappies, rosette, hairband and a dress for me and now....


Yes, I shouted :( I have been vexed and cross all day. Mark made me watch a really scary movie the night before last and I didn't sleep well at all that night. Then...our horrible new neighbours kept me awake 'till after midnight last night with their screaming kids and party antics!!! Not impressed. So, I apologise for shouting and please don't think it's personal, but Adam doesn't deserve to see me vexed and I am sure that most of you will understand.

At least I have plenty of stuff to blog about...just not right now, because I am officially EXHAUSTED.

Oh, and did I mention that even though my wonderful hubby has taken the babes off my hands so that I can wallow, I can't have a nap because there is building work going on next door :(


  1. Oh I remember those exhausting days when kids are little and take a lot of energy in the day so you need your sleep!! Glad you have a hubby who takes them out so you can have a bit of thinking time!! Even if you can't nap!!

    You've changed your blog again, I love watching what people do on their blogs as well as reading the content!! Its a whole new design area of uts own, well new to me anyway!!

  2. Thanks for the reply... it's funny. Sleep is normally not something I worry about...I'm like a man in that regard. Head down...snoooooorrrrre!!! But it's been alluding me lately. I'm planning a glass of wine tonight and them vegging out with a DVD. Hopefully I will sleep tonight :)