Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rice coloured with food colouring for kids...

Hey, I just thought I'd share with you a little project that Adam and I did over the holidays (it's end of term 2 holidays here in Australia). Adam loves crafts and couldn't wait to get his hands on this stuff...I always tell him what we're up to, you'd think I'd learn to wait until we were actually going to do it, but no! I open my big mouth and then have to suffer through the four million 'are we going to dye the rice now?', 'when are we dying the rice?', 'you promised we could do it, when are we doing it?' get the idea. But we had to wait for Sophie free time...Anyway, I'm rambling...

I used the whitest rice that I had in the cupboard, which happened to be Arborio (risotto) rice, which happens to be the most expensive but mine was at the bottom of the pantry so we were never going to eat it anyway.

We put about 2-3 cm of water in each container. I used metal pots and tins so that the food colouring wouldn't stain.

We then put a few drops of food colouring in each and stirred until the rice was the colour we wanted (we wanted it to look like nerds)

We then drained off the coloured water (carefully), and laid it out on the newspaper overnight. At this point I had to endure more whinging from Adam who was pretty peeved that he would have to wait until the morning to play with it.
But is was worth the wait, and I figure that since both rice and food colouring are 'food' that Sophie would be safe to play in it too.
They played for over an hour with it and yup, it went everywhere. But vacuumed up pretty easily too, so no harm done. I don't think I would let them play on a carpeted area though, you'd be finding it for months

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