Sunday, July 11, 2010

I used my lovely new fabric...and I LOVE IT!!!

Using the Sienna dress pattern, which I just adore, I made Sophie another dress. This pattern is so versatile and the instructions are fantastic. It's so easy to make a simple dress, or to change it around and do a little of your own thing with it too.  
Little monkey WOULD NOT sit still for a shot. She's such a busy bee. I sat her on Adam's little chair to try and contain her but she thought it would be great fun to slide on and off, so apologies for a rubbish picture :)
I made this tee-shirt for Adam using one of his old ones as a template and thanks to the above pattern I can now make very pretty tee-shirt neck lines...I wish I had been smart enough to work it out by myself

I used a stencil from lilblueblue and freezer paper stencilled the design onto the front. Adam loves this tee, he didn't take it off for four days straight. I know...that's really gross, but it was the school holidays and erm that's all I've got.

He looks so sad in the picture, and that's because he is. He was watching Free Willy with his Dad and took the whole thing very seriously. So sweet!


  1. Cool blog! I'm a fellow refashioner, but I can see why you couldn't resist that gorgeous fabric with the 70's ish birds. Looks great with the contrasting arms. The coloured rice looks like fun, I might just give it a go :)

  2. I just discovered your blog the other day too :) If you be my friend..I'll be yours lol :)