Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Starting out Green

Where do I start on this topic??? I would love to move to a commune and drop out of modern life completely. However, I have a wonderful husband, whom I love, who does not feel the way that I do...so we compromise!

Luckily, he supports almost all of my ideas. He embraced washable nappies, mainly because they are so damn cheap. Alright, they were a little expensive to buy initially, but after two babies they are still going strong. I try my best to buy homemade, local items for my babes and I have successfully phased out the chemicals from my home...although this is very much a work in progress. We try to use products that contain only natural ingredients and I love chatting to the market sellers at the local craft markets and find the best of these products. I adore Nirvana naturals http://www.nirvananaturals.org/ they do more products than are available on their website. I love their mandarin shampoo and consitioner and their washing up liqid makes the house smell like lavendar when you wash up...it's the only good thing about washing up :)

I have done a little research on the plastic debate and will post some information when I can. I was concerned about chemicals leaching into my children's mouths and environment. I heard a while ago about water bottles being left in the car leaching chemicals into the water. I wanted to know the finer details. It's funny, when you have babies, you start thinking about things that you would previously have dismissed as 'oh yeah, something else that causes cancer blah blah blah'... now I feel genuine concern when I hear these things.

What else...I'm sure I had more to say. Oh yeah. I am also doing some research into environmentally friendly ways of decorating your home. Milk paints etc. I will post the information as I find it.

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