Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Simple jersey knit hat

For some reason, this picture WILL NOT come out the right way you will have to tilt :)
The above, light blue hat has been a staple with both my babies, but I wanted to make a hat to match Sophie's dress.
It was super dooper easy...I made a few :)

I copied around the outside of the hat, leaving enough seam allowance. Sewed together, right sides facing. Used a spaghetti strap turner to turn the long bits through. Serged/overlocked the bottom and turned it up about 2 inches and hemmed it, with white cotton to contrast the blue.
Toasty warm ears, and perfectly co-ordinated :) I reckon that this is so simple that you don't even need a pattern or another hat to copy. Just measure the head, minus maybe about half and inch to an inch and then make it long with long 'ear-y' bits to tie in a knot on the top of the head. Just make sure you use the stretchiest knit you have, as one that I made wasn't very stretchy and I don't like it as much at this one :)

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